Smelly Feet Problem
The One Place Where Smelly Feet is Not a Laughing Matter


Bacteria That Cause Smelly Feet
by Dr. Roseline Hamsley

It is necessary to understand where body odors and specifically foot odor comes from and then eliminate the SOURCE of these odors for a holistic approach.  Odor is a by-product of the metabolic process of bacteria (mainly corynebacteria and micrococci) ingesting salts and minerals generated by the body and excreting out their waste products.


Bacteria that cause smelly feet flourish in warm moist areas, which incidentally the feet are normally accustomed too.  This (and a food source) is why the most prevalent body odors are found in the armpit and feet areas.  These are perfect warm, moist breeding grounds for bacteria- and not specifically odor causing bacteria, any bacteria. Moisture can collect in these areas and can not readily evaporate which causes a certain level of staleness in the air again conducive to the growth of bacteria.


It is important to realize that bacteria covers every surface of your skin and are inside your pores and sweat glands too.  Bacteria are in the air and on everything you touch.  Not all bacteria are to be considered bad, the normal function of the human body would be severely crippled if bacteria isn’t available. However, there is a natural balance of "good" and "bad" bacteria on your skin, in your airways and even in your intestines.  Due to the natural balance of these bacteria, the "bad" bacteria are not present in sufficient numbers to cause disease (e.g. pneumonia, certain ulcers, etc) or in this case, persistent excessively smelly feet.  "Bad" bacteria for our discussion here includes Corynebacteria and Micrococci, the bacteria that cause unpleasant body odors and the odors emanating from your feet and shoes.  Both of these bacteria are present on the surfaces of everyone's body at all times, even after you have had a shower. The difference is that they are in much higher concentrations at the feet on someone who has foot odor problems. 


 Bacteria That Cause Smelly Feet: Part 2


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